How do you get involved?

Look no further than immediately below this text and click that big ol' button to submit your game. All the cool kids are clicking it. Go on, you know you want to.

Paul & Rich



Hit apply, fill in the form, join text chat on the big day (8pm UK time).
Have fun!

Tip: If you're having trouble winning in combat, try getting better at the game!

Tip: Your columnists survive as long as they don't die.

Tip: Defeat the endgame boss by not losing to it.

Tip: Struggling with a tough foe? Remember, just keep your Health above 0 while lowering your enemy's Health to 0. Works every time!

Tip: Taking too much damage? Try to stop getting shot so much.

Tip: When the age of Frost is upon us, do not eat the yellow snow.

Tip: The speed of this game is dependent on how fast it can be played.

Tip: Use crouch to reduce your profile, or to hide behind smaller objects.

Tip: Zombie cuddles are bad for you.

Tip: You lose the game if you don't win.

Tip: If you keep getting caught sneaking around, stop using assault rifles. They're really loud.

Tip: Did you know that tips are shown during loading screens?

Tip: Running out of health means you have died.

Tip: Studies have shown you only need one hitpoint to live.

Tip: Gluing a dead Orc's face to your own face doesn't make you an orc.

Tip: Open box before eating pizza.

Tip: Don't forget to breathe. Very important.

Tip: Throwing the controller about makes you jump further.

Tip: Don't panic

Tip: Deleting your harddrive... I mean loading.

Tip: Does anyone actually read these?

Tip: Initializing the initializer...

Tip: Last call for the data bus! All aboard!